Best Surveillance Storage Options

We install many professional level CCTV systems, many of which use RAID configurations to expand storage and protect against drive failure. For most small businesses and homes, the systems we install support 2 to 8 drives in a single DVR / NVR. For smaller systems with a maximum of 32 cameras, we recommend using the Western Digital Purple series hard drives.

How much space do you need?

You’re going to want to calculate how long video needs to be stored, and what resolution you want to store video at. The standard system these days records at 1080p (2mp); with 8 1080p cameras, you can store 30 days of video on a single 8TB drive. We install a minimum resolution of 4mp for clients, and a minimum 8TB of storage, however each situation is different.

Be sure to check that you’re compliant in your industry; some industries require specific storage security policies, and a minimum video retention timeline. If you’re unsure, error on the side of caution and order one size up on the drive.

Purchase Drives

For systems with 32 or less cameras, you can order the Western Digital Purple series drives. We have been using Western Digital for over 10 years, and is our #1 choice for more than just CCTV storage. For systems with more than 32 cameras, we recommend the Western Digital Gold for systems with more than 32 cameras, configured in a RAID5/6/10. We have links to the drives below, and you can purchase the size and quantity necessary to support your needs. For expert installation, call ClackTECH to schedule an installation and optimization of your CCTV storage. Need help choosing, you can always call ClackTECH at 828-539-0002 for a recommendation on which to purchase.

Only need storage for individual cameras?

Most IP cameras and professional smart cameras have a slot to insert a MicroSD card for local storage. We also recommend the Western Digital Purple series MicroSD cards for this. They do a great job of recording high frame rates up to 4K (8mp), and playback is quick while still recording current events. Many smart cameras on Amazon, and also professional level camera will accept MicroSD cards up to 128GB. Newer professional IP cameras support up to 512GB, but we recommend checking with the manufacturer of your camera first. If you’re unsure, send us an email and we’ll get back to you with your camera specs.

Why do we choose certain hardware?

ClackTECH chooses specific hardware and systems based on our expertise and client feedback. We try our best to provide the best hardware and systems not only tested to function in the manner they promise, but also systems that our clients find easy and friendly to operate. There are many systems available on the market that are much less expensive than the systems we recommend, and there are many that are much more expensive than the systems we recommend. We go with recommending the best balance of sustainability, functionality, and user-friendly interfaces when it comes to systems. We only submit links to online retailers in our blog for items that we ourselves use in installations.

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