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About Us

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ClackTECH has a rich history for only starting in 2007. James Clack has always kept focus on providing the best service, reasonable pricing, and the highest quality products available for your specific application.

Our History

ClackTECH was started in 2007 by James Clack, as a home computer repair tech. He drove to homes, repairing computers with real-world knowledge, and a hospitable attitude to make clients feel at ease. This is an important trait that has carried through today no matter the size or complexity of a project. in 2010 we began offering professional AV systems, and in 2012 professional CCTV systems aimed at retail locations. In 2018, ClackLINK was launched providing managed network security, and rural high-speed Internet connectivity in select markets.

Our Vision

We strive everyday to provide a functional network foundation for your business and homes. As noted in the past year, the strength of a service business is relying on your network speed, security, and functionality of the systems installed. We want to build a strong and efficient network that you, your employees, and most importantly, your customers can rely on to get the job done without issues nor security concerns. We will continue to find ways to enhance businesses and lives through technology.