Contact Information Policy

ClackTECH keeps your contact information within a Microsoft Outlook (hosted at Microsoft) contact list. This information may contain one or multiple of the following private information: office phone number, private cell phone, private residence, business email, private email, or business address, private residence address. This information is secured using multi-factor authentication (MFA) to login and gain access to. This information is never shared with 3rd party vendors or other clients.

Stored Payment Options Policy

ClackTECH does not store any credit card or ACH information within our private storage, cloud storage, email, nor physical office facilities. All payment information authorized for storage at ClackTECH is stored at Stripe and Adobe within their secured systems.

We will only keep this information within Stripe and Adobe should you electronically fill out the authorized payment options form. This form will contain your payment information, and is processed through Adobe Acrobat electronic signature, and then transferred to Stripe for proper storage and future processing.

Stripe, Inc. and Adobe Inc. are third party data processing companies.

Password Retention Policy

ClackTECH does not store passwords on any systems nor cloud storage systems. Passwords if needed during assistance are written down on physical paper and shredded at the end of each service call.

Data Sharing Policy

We do not share any data with vendors regarding projects, equipment at projects, or data in use at client facilities.

We only share address data with Verizon within our Verizon Wireless partnership. This is required for fixed 4G/5G Business Internet to operate properly at locations which we service through our partnership with Verizon Wireless. No contact nor business information is passed on to Verizon Wireless beyond the address receiving service.

CCTV Data Sharing Policy

ClackTECH does not share any data, video, audio, or chronological data from CCTV surveillance systems to 3rd parties, vendors, government agencies without the consent of the client which owns these systems. All ClackTECH Cloud NVR systems fall within these parameters, and data stored at our facilities is classified as owned by the client which the systems are recording.

You may at anytime during or after the installation of your system, grant permission for ClackTECH to gather and share data with government agencies such as police, sheriff, or federal on an as-needed basis. We will never grant unattended access to your systems to any private or government agency. All data requests must be submitted for a specific event on a specific date and time frame not to exceed 24 hours. Without automatic permission, we will reach out to you the client for permission should we be approached by any agency requesting data from your system.

Cannabis Industry Security Policy: Due to state regulations on the cannabis industry in California, Oklahoma, Colorado, Illinois, and Nevada, ClackTECH may gather data regarding chronological stored data and share with the cannabis boards of these states upon inspection or request. This data is required to meet the minimum security requirements at legal cannabis growing and retail locations. This data does not provide any defining information such as faces, audio, personal information, and is provided to prove CCTV systems and access controls are operating and storing necessary logs to remain in compliance with the laws instituted by the state which your facility is operating in.