Our history began in 2005 when James started repairing computers. Knowing the industry of technology repair was filled with dishonesty and overselling, he wanted to approach clients with honesty. The trust that was built with clients from this propelled the company out of simple home computer repair into providing professional CCTV, cyber security, and IT management on a national scale. James demands the team stick to the roots of doing a professional job and being honest to our clients. In our entire history since 2005 the company has grown on almost 100% word of mouth, with our largest clients meeting us through business associates. In 2013, we expanded into the Carolinas; 2017 we became an approved security vendor for an international restaurant brand, and relocated our HQ to into Dallas, TX in 2021. We currently provide CCTV and cyber security services in 12 states from the west coast to the east coast!