Get a high-resolution CCTV system for your business to prevent theft, protect employees, and keep track of all activity at all your businesses.

Actual ClackTECH CCTV Installation
Live view on iPhone 12 Pro Max

View Your Systems From Anywhere

With a smart high-resolution CCTV system installed by ClackTECH, you will always get the full picture of what’s happening at all your locations. Whether you have one, or one hundred locations, you will have full access for live view and playback via your smartphone. laptop, or desktop computers.

All new CCTV installations by ClackTECH utilize the latest in IP camera technology to provide the highest quality image and infrastructure to support future upgrades. We use high-grade pure copper CAT6 cable to support all PoE standards. Don’t settle for the cheap CAT5e our competitors use, this will wear out in a few years!

Flexible Cloud Options

ClackTECH offers a variety of cloud options when it comes to your CCTV installation & archival support.

Small Business Support Plan

For small businesses with under five locations, we offer a simple system maintenance with archive support plan. For $250/yr, we install the latest software updates to all your systems (up to five), and offer unlimited footage retrieval and archive services. Any footage you request is stored for immediate download during the life of your contract.

ClackTECH owns and operates our servers and datacenters. We monitor these systems 24/7 to keep your data secure and accessible to you only.

Enterprise Support Plans + Redundant Cloud Recording

Enterprise CCTV Solutions

If you operate multiple franchise locations, you understand how important it is to make monitoring all locations efficient. Our software allows viewing up to 144 cameras per monitor! From this software, you can quickly focus on one camera at any connected locations, and retrieve video from the same dashboard.

Your On-Site NVR

Stored at your place of business or franchise location, this NVR records all video. You and your managers have instant access to the video 24/7 at your place of business

Redundant Real-Time Recording

How does it work?

Cameras have a video stream that is available for viewing at anytime over multiple devices. We simply program your on-site NVR, and our off-site NVR to record the same video stream at the same time.

Multi-Layer Security

Your cameras are connected to a dedicated switch separate from the NVR, meaning they are not reliant on your on-site NVR to function. This is a second level of security rather than pulling a redundant video stream from your NVR, we pull direct from the cameras.

ClackTECH Servers

Stored at a protected facility, these servers record footage from all your cameras 24/7, ensuring that even if an on-site NVR is stolen, the cameras keep recording